Dealing with Assignments

Assignment Tools

Using the Moodle Assignment Tool, your instructor can post assignment information, establish deadlines, and grade submitted assignments. As a student, this tool lets you submit responses, view your scores, and view instructor comments once the assignment has been graded. There are four different types of assignments that can be used by your instructor. These are:

  • Offline Activity
  • Online Text
  • Upload a Single File
  • Advanced Uploading of Files
Offline Activity

An Offline activity assignment only contains assignment instructions. No area is provided for submitting answers or files.

Online Text

Online Text Assignments show both the assignment instructions and a text box where you can type in your submission. Please remember that you must click submit before navigating away from the page in order for your text to be saved. If your instructor has allowed resubmission you will be able to make changes to your text until the instructor grades your submission.

Upload a Single File

Upload a Single File Assignments will display the assignment instructors and provide a place for you to browse and submit one file for grading. The file can then be graded by your instructor and you will be able to view your grade.

Advanced Uploading of Files

Similar to uploading a single file, Advanced Uploading of Files gives you the ability to attach files to be submitted. However, Advanced Assignments will allow you to upload several files for a particular assignment. Your instructor will also be able to review and comment on your submitted file and turn back the file for you to review. You and your instructor will be able to continue this back and forth file sharing until you submit the file for grading.


For more information please visit these sections of the ISU Student Guide to Moodle (Guide within Moodle):

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