Getting Around in Moodle

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When you log into Moodle you will be directed to the Moodle ISU page. This page has site wide announcements and a listing of all of the courses that you are enrolled in. From this page you can enter any course that you have access to. The main page of a course is referred to as the Homepage. The homepage is typically organized in columns. The larger, typically central, column contains links to course materials. Depending on the course, this area is organized by weeks or topics.

Once you have accessed course materials, you may wonder how to get back to the course homepage. There are two areas that will allow you to go back. First, you can use the Breadcrumbs. The Breadcrumbs are links that appear as you move through the course. They are located at the top-left of the screen under the ISU logo. The other area is located at the bottom center of each page. A button or link will appear with the name of your course. Clicking on this button or link will take you back to the course homepage.

Using the browser 'Back' button in Moodle is perfectly acceptable. Some systems generate errors if the 'Back' button is used, Moodle doesn't have this problem. That having been said, it is important to remember that the 'Back' button shows the page as it was when you last viewed it. Any changes or updates may not show when you navigate using the 'Back' button. If you do not see updated information on the page use the 'Refresh' button or press CTRL + SHIFT + R.

As you navigate through Moodle you will find yourself getting more and more comfortable with locating links and accessing resources. However as you are getting started it many be a bit confusing as to how to find things. One thing that will help is using the Activities block. If your course has one it will be on the left or right side of your homepage. This block shows the activities in the course and provides links to them.

For more information please visit these sections of the ISU Student Guide to Moodle (Guide within Moodle):

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