Additional Tips for Success

Viewing Grades

To view your grades in Moodle you can either navigate to the graded activity and view your grade or you can go to the Grades area of Moodle. If your instructor has given you access to the Grades area you can find it in the Administration Block on the homepage.

Copy and Paste from Word

When information is copied and pasted from Microsoft Word into Moodle additional hidden information comes with it. If you are copying text into Moodle, make sure that you click the Paste from Word button in the text editor.


Clean Up

Reminder: Please use the keyboard shortcut when you copy and paste from Word.

    • To copy: Ctrl + C
    • To paste: Ctrl + V


Pop-up Blocker

Many of the windows in Moodle will open in a pop-up. If you are having trouble opening these window you will need to modify your pop-up blocker settings. For instructions on how to changes these settings Click here and read the information about setting up the pop-up blocker.

Who to contact with problems

As was mentioned earlier in this lesson, if you are having trouble in Moodle you should contact your instructor and/or the IT Service Desk. The IT Service Desk can be reached at or 282-HELP (4357).

Key Words

Some of the terms used in this lesson and other areas in Moodle may be strange to you. The ITRC has created a glossary of terms that are either unique to Moodle or have unique Moodle definitions. To access the Moodle terms glossary, go to the Student Guide Moodle course. The Student Guide can be found by searching for it under "All courses" in the My courses block on the main Moodle page.


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