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Workshops Offered at the ITRC

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Adding Assignments to Your Moodle ISU Course - Handout
The assignment tool allows your students to upload almost any type of file, including Word or Excel files. This workshop will show you how to post assignments or files in your course.

Adding Resources to Your Moodle ISU Course - Handout
In this workshop you will learn how to add different types of resources to your course. Resources include your syllabus, presentation materials, and other related course documents.

Adding/Weighting Categories in the Moodle Gradebook - Handout
In this workshop, you will learn how to structure your gradebook and weight your different categories (i.e. exams, essays, etc.).

Backing-up and Restoring Course Content - Backup Handout - Restore Handout - Import Handout
This workshop will explain how to create course backups and import resources and activities from one course to another.

Course Evaluation Training - Course Evaluations Page
This workshop will explain how to create course evaluations using Moodle. Two workshops are available, one in the middle of the semester that will go over set up, creation of questions, importing questions and administration. A hands-on workshop is offered after the close of term to download, backup and save the results from the evaluations.

Creating Basic PowerPoint 2007 Presentations - Handout for PC - Handout for Mac
This workshop will help you learn how to design, build, and edit dynamic presentations for the classroom, seminars, or use on the Internet. Basic and advanced PowerPoint skills will be acquired with the new 2007 PowerPoint software.

Creating Tests in Moodle ISU - Handout
This workshop will cover the many features of the Moodle ISU quiz tool including an adaptive mode, multiple test attempts, building on previous attempt, and adding questions.

Grading with the Moodle ISU Gradebook - Handout
This workshop will show you how to get started using the Moodle ISU Gradebook. Some of the features you will learn include adding a column to the Gradebook, viewing statistics, sorting grades, and weighting categories.

Importing Questions in Aiken Format - Handout
This workshop will demonstrate how to quickly and easily import multiple choice and True/False questions into your Moodle course using the Aiken format.

Importing Questions in GIFT Format - Handout
This workshop will demonstrate how to quickly and easily import multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, True/False and other types of questions into your Moodle course using the GIFT format.

Introduction to Adobe Presenter - Adding Audio - Publishing Guide
Learn how to narrate, design, and publish PowerPoint presentations using Adobe Connect (formerly known as Breeze) Presenter. This software plug-in for PowerPoint will allow you to post your presentations to the Breeze content server. The file location can be emailed to your students or hyperlinked to your course website. Participants are encouraged to bring their own materials.

Moodle ISU Overview - Handout
Let's get started on the right foot! This workshop will introduce you to the Moodle ISU interface and demonstrate the tools available.

Quick Hit: Moodle HTML Editor
Moodle provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor. This means that you have much more control over the appearance of your text, without having to know any HTML code!

Quick Hit: Posting a Syllabus in Moodle
This Quick Hint will show you - in less than 30 minutes - how to post your syllabus to a Moodle ISU course.

Using Moodle ISU Forums - Handout
Learn how to add, manage, and communicate using Moodle ISU forums. This workshop will show you how to set up a basic forum, use the forum tool to attach files, create forums for groups, and allow the forum posts to be rated.


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