Caring for Idaho

2010 Idaho Conference on Health Care


Please Print Your Own Handouts!

In an effort to be friendlier to our environment and reduce waste, we will NOT be providing copies of handouts for any sessions at the conference. Handouts will be posted to this website by Monday, October 25 and will be available online until January 1, 2011. If you would like to print materials for the sessions you will attending, please do so at your own convenience. We appreciate your support of this effort!

Chronic Disease Management Demands A Delivery System Change: Telehealth Anyone?

Speaker: Monte Coffman
Download: PDF

Putting the Mouth Back into the Body (Oral Health)

Speaker: Lea Erickson
Download: PDF

Rural Chronic Illness Self-management

Speaker: Clarann Weinert
Download: PDF

Recognizing and Assessing Dementia: A Team-Based Approach

Speaker: Norman L. Foster
Download: PDF

Functional Family Therapy

Speaker: James F. Alexander

Proactive Dementia Care: A New Paradigm for Collaborative Care

Speaker: Troy Andersen

Geriatric Pharmacotherapy

Speaker: Jolie Jantz

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