Idaho Center for Disabilities Evaluation

Idaho Center for Disabilities Evaluation


Idaho State University through the Idaho Center for Disabilities Evaluation (ICDE) has contracted with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Medicaid Division to assume the duties of eligibility, assessment and service and budget planning for adult participants with developmental disabilities in this new statewide initiative. The activities coordinated by the ICDE provide clinical training operations for students in numerous health related programs at higher education institutions across the state. In addition, contract funding is distributed across higher education institutions based upon mutually agreed to responsibilities that address needs of the institution, ICDE, and the participants.

The activities of ICDE will focus on the principles of commitment to data driven quality improvement with utilization of state of the art technology. All activities initiated by ICDE will reflect its mission:

The mission of the Idaho Center for Disabilities Evaluation is to provide high quality assessments that are administered consistently and reliably in all regions of Idaho to child and adult participants with developmental disabilities.


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