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Arbitron 2009 - Audience Compostion 1

News-Music dedicates at least 30% of airtime to news, public affairs or talk programming or NPR newsmagazines. In addition, News-Music stations spend at least 30% of their airtime with a mix of music formats (such as Classical, Jazz, AAA/Eclectic, popular), typically with no single music format dominating that time.

Moving up from fifth to fourth in audience share among the eight formats in this report, News-Music increased its stake of public radio listening from 6.0% of all quarter-hours in Fall 2006 to 6.2% in 2008, having represented 5.7% in 2005. There are 154 stations programming this format, delivering nearly 2.3 million listeners each week, an increase of nearly 300,000 from Fall 2006. Some of the top markets with a News-Music station include Baltimore; Chicago; Denver-Boulder; Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News; Portland, OR; Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater; and Washington, DC. News-Music was one of three formats to register share growth since that time, along with News/Talk and Classical.

Adults 45-64 comprise 52% of the News-Music audience. Adult men solidly outnumber adult women in terms of gender balance, more so than other news-driven formats.


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