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Arbitron 2009 - Audience Compostion 3

The majority of quarter-hours dedicated to News-Music takes place at home, and the proportion grew from 50% to 54% between Fall 2006 and 2008 Ė the largest increase in at-home tune-in of all formats in this report. News-Music gets its highest audience share during mornings and weekends, and it was during weekends where the formatís share expanded the most between Fall 2006 and 2008. Listening also grew in mornings, afternoons and evenings, all in equal increments. It is the only programming that outperforms its full-week share during mornings, afternoons and weekends.

While 42% of the News-Music stations are located in the Mountain and Pacific census regions, the format gained audience share in five of the eight national regions between Fall 2006 and 2008. News Musicís biggest listening share takes place in the South Central and Mountain regions, but its largest share growth occurred in the South Atlantic, where News-Musicís audience more than doubled moving its rank from seventh to fourth among the eight formats in this study. It was one of two music formats, along with Classical, to demonstrate an increase in audience share in the Mountain territory.


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