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Arbitron 2009 - Listener Traits, Household Characteristics 4

Public radio listeners are less likely to have children living at home. An estimated 63% of adult public radio listeners are married, compared to 57% of the American population as a whole, making public radio consumers 11% more likely to be married than the national average. Their likelihood of being either widowed or legally separated rose 9% against the norm between the Public Radio Today Fall 2006 report and the release of this study. Just 21% of listeners to public radio are single, vs. 25% of adults overall.

Nearly 55% of adult public radio listeners are employed fulltime, compared to 49% of the general adult population. Approximately 78% of adult public radio listeners live in a household that owns its residence, compared to 72% of the national population, making them an ideal target for sponsorships and underwriting opportunities from home improvement stores, insurance companies, home furnishing outlets, mortgage firms and a variety of home services such as security, landscaping, pest control, cleaning, etc. Just 19% of listeners to public radio rent their residences, while 3% live with others.


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