KISU-FM Studio


Pocatello & Vicinity

The real coverage of KISU's 91.1 transmitter allows a traveler in a car to listen to this frequency almost all the way to Dubois going north on I-15, but the signal trails off if traveling east of I-15. To the west, motorists can hear KISU quite well all the way to Arco, and west on the interstate to just east of the Rupert area where another station finally interferes. The map is fairly accurate in reflecting coverage to the south, although a car radio will draw in the signal to Downey and going up the Malad hill. Low geographical areas are a problem to the south. Going east, the map is fairly accurate, as the mountains restrict signal extension.

Idaho Falls & Vicinity

The real coverage of KISU's Idaho Falls translator is far different than the map indicates. Coverage is pretty good north to Rigby, and actually about 20 miles to the west towards the INL site. To the south this frequency is easily acquired on a car radio to about 10 miles south of Blackfoot. The map showing coverage to the east is fairly accurate.

Upper Valley, Rexburg & Vicinity

With the addition of a new translator in Rexburg broadcasting at 88.1 FM in 2012, KISU FM radio added tens of thousands of potential new listeners by bringing its unique flavor of public radio to the Upper Snake River Valley. Not only does KISU continue to provide traditional favorites like NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered, Upper Valley listeners now have access to outstanding national programs like This American Life, Michael Feldman's "Whad Ya Know", The World Cafe, and BBC World Service. They also now have regular access to great local programming like the locally-produced Idaho Falls City Club Forums, First Monday Forum and ASISU Speaks. Local music programming includes the long-running Beat City Radio, Sonic Electronic, The Sounds of ISU, and the Live Band Club, produced by Josh Watts and featuring outstanding musical artists from right here in eastern Idaho. Upper Valley residents who think they know public radio will be pleasantly surprised with what they find every week on KISU FM, now at 88.1 FM.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209