KISU-FM Studio

Who are KISU Listeners

Compared to the U.S. population as a whole, NPR listeners of KISU-FM are...

Opinion Leaders
39% more likely to vote in local, state, or federal elections

Engaged in community life
131% more likely to serve on a local committee

Business Leaders
97% more likely to be the president of a company

116% more likely to go backpacking or hiking

Curious about the world around them
67% more likely to own a passport

155% more likely to have a college degree

74% more likely to have an individual employment income of $40,000 or more

KISU listeners are your best customers

NPR programming on KISU-FM reaches one of the most educated and affluent audiences in radio. Listeners place a high value on creativity, curiosity and social consciousness, and they have a strong attachment to nature and the environment. These beliefs are not just abstract ideals, but are manifest in the products and lifestyle choices made by the NPR audience. Listeners lead an active lifestyle and favor portable media such as newspapers or radio. They are very open to trying new products and services but are less likely to be influenced by usual means of reaching consumers, such as celebrity endorsements and other traditional advertising devices.


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