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Sounds of ISU

The Sounds of ISU
Host: Tami Comstock
Sundays 10 - 11 am

An hour devoted to showcasing ISU music ensembles, past and present. Join me as we explore and enjoy the talented musician's right here in our own backyard. Performances include choir, band and symphony, as well as various musical styles, from classical to jazz. For an hour on the first Sunday of each month starting at 10:00am we will take this musical journey together. Sounds of ISU is produced and broadcast from the Idaho State University campus.

Sounds of ISU is produced and broadcast from the Idaho State University campus.


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Pocatello Powersports$25.00 gift cardPocatello$40.00None
Ramada InnOne Room NightPocatello$75.00None
Sandpiper Restaurant$15.00 certificate Pocatello - IF$40.00 None
Sandpiper RestaurantPunch cards (Save $132)Pocatello$175.00None
Stinker Stores$5.00 gift cardAny location$15.00 None
Sutton Family DentistryBleach Trays & BleachPocatello$325.00None
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KISU-FM Studio

Local Shows

If you would like to make music submissions to KISU-FM for airplay, please submit them to Music Director Levi Montana Keller at:

ASISU Speaks
with Ben Harker, Every other Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00pm

Ben Harker

ASISU Speaks

Host: Ben Harker

ASISU Speaks is a bi-monthly program on KISU which focuses on issues facing ISU from a student perspective. Any topic is welcome and every guest and caller's opinion is respected. ASISU Speaks features senators and clubs and offers listeners the chance to call in and ask questions of their representatives or bring forth concerns which face students at ISU.

ASISU Speaks is a unique forum for discussion and has become an institution in its first year of operation. If you have a club you would like featured on ASISU Speaks please contact program host Ben Harker.

Email: Don't forget to join us on FM 91.1 KISU during the program, or streaming on the web at; and like us on Facebook.

with Alex Bell, Monday 10:30 - 11:00pm


Host: Alex Bell

Audiodrama rebroadcasts episodes of radio drama programs from the so called golden age of radio (i.e., from the early 30's to the mid 50's). Expect anything from hardboiled detective narratives to fantastic tales of science fiction and everything in between. Also, when time allows, interesting bits of information about the programs/actors/etc. will be included and discussed.

If there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or the like, please contact me at

Beat City Radio
with Levi Montana Keller, Monday - Friday 8:00 - 9:00pm

Levi Montana Keller

Beat City Radio

Host: Levi Montana Keller

Beat City Radio was born from a fondness of music spanning several genres and decades as well as the belief that variety facilitates growth and happiness. This eclectic locally-produced program features new and upcoming artists while keeping an ear tuned to the past. Hear a smattering of Indie, Postmodern and Underground music from the 1970s through now, as well as tasty aural nuggets from 1950s and 60s Rockabillies, Garage Rockers, Surfers, Cowboys and more.

For playlists, podcasts, and more visit the Beat City Radio Blog or find us on Facebook.

City Club of Idaho Falls
Last Monday of the month

City Club of Idaho Falls

The City Club of Idaho Falls exists to sponsor and promote civil dialogue and discourse on all matters of public interest. It strives to do so in a non-partisan and non-sectarian manner, while encouraging broad participation by the community at large.

The Club was founded in 2007 and features informative and insightful speakers covering a variety of subjects such as Restoring the Presidency of the United States, Globalization and American Economics, Preserving Judicial Independence, and much more.

The City Club of Idaho Falls
450 B Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
(208) 523-3961


Dirty 45s
with Erin Gray, Tuesday 9:00 - 10:00pm

Erin Gray

Dirty 45s

Host: Erin Gray

Dirty 45's is an eclectic mix of rock and roll and independent music that has been featuring local and national bands for more than 2 years. In addition to music, Dirty 45's has featured interviews with local artists, writers and musicians as well as featuring live recordings from a few choice regional poetry readings.

Erin Gray is deeply embedded in the local community and has been an avid contributor and creator of culture for Southeastern Idaho for well over a decade. HIs original pulp-noir radio cult classic, Record City Killers, aired for 2 years starting in 2004 on KISU. He received his Master's Degree in English in the Spring of 2011 and has been teaching at ISU for five years. In addition, he is currently a staff writer for The Bannock Alternative newspaper and he teaches English as a foreign language in town at English Language Systems.


Geeks Are Wired
with Bill Martin, Tuesday 10:00pm - 11:00pm

Bill Martin

Geeks Are Wired

Host: Bill Martin

Geeks Are Wired is a nerd and geek podcast that talks about movies, comic books, tv shows, technology, video games, card games, and more hosted by Bill Martin. From Avengers to Zettabytes we TLDR it all for you.

You might find out that the hosts of Geeks Are Wired spends our spare time hitting each other with foam sticks, playing epic video games, and building home entertainment computers, all while casting Magic The Gathering spells at each other. We are a podcast that TLDR's everything from Androids to Zombies for you.

You can find us by searching Geeks Are Wired in iTunes or head on over to our website at

Contact Information:
Phone #: (801) 896-Geek (4335)

House Call
with Dr. Fahim Rahim & Dr. Naeem Rahim, Thursday 8:30am - 9:00am

Fahim Rahim Dr Naeem Rahim

House Call

Host: Dr. Fahim Rahim & Dr. Naeem Rahim

If it deals with medicine... any form, any fashion... who wouldn't want to get a house call from two of southeast Idaho's most successful and honored physicians. Introducing "House Call", a medical call-in program presented by Doctors Fahim and Naeem Rahim of the Idaho Kidney Institute, with special in-studio guests available for questions.


Live Band Club's - Top 10 Radio Show
with Josh Watts, Monday 10:00 - 10:30pm

Live Band Club

Live Band Club's - Top 10 Radio Show

Host: Josh Watts

Get the insider info on the local music scene as you listen to The Live Band Club's - Top 10 Radio Show as it brings you music from your neighbors! Every Monday you can tune in to listen to music and interviews with rising musicians from the southeast Idaho area, along with the occasional special guest. We also feature regional artists who are contributing to the local music scene by playing at local venues on a regular basis. From Pop to Country to Alternative Rock, you'll be on the edge listening to new and exciting tunes.

Live Streaming on 91.1 and 91.3 @
Like us on Facebook

Morning Edition... All Things Considered, News & Interviews
with Shaela Litzau, Monday - Friday 6:00 - 9:00am, 4:00 - 6:00pm

Shaela Litzau

Morning Edition... All Things Considered
News & Interviews

Shaela Litzau

I'm from Minneapolis Minnesota. One of my passions is music; I love to sing. I studied at the Lundstrum Center for the Performing arts for music performance before moving to Idaho. While attending ISU, I discovered my passion for communication and changed my major, for the 3rd (maybe 4th) time. Now I'm a junior and majoring in Communication with an emphasis in rhetorical studies. I would like to go back to the mid-west to further my studies after graduation. Idaho's beauty and back country have spoiled my outdoor side by providing an abundance of camping, hiking, and FISHING... which all happen to be my favorite things to do. I can't wait to see where my future takes me next!

Roots & Rock
with Craig Thompson & Dave Bagley, Saturday 7:00 - 8:00pm

Roots & Rock

Roots & Rock

Host: Craig Thompson & Dave Bagley

Roots & Rock explores the origins and progression of Celtic, Old Time, Bluegrass and Blues music through the lens of the interconnectedness of all genres and the influences each has played in the growth and development of modern American music. Each week we will talk about a specific genre, or artist and its regional, national and global impacts.

Join us Saturday night's for Roots and Rock, and more.

with Skittish and Bus, Friday 9:00 - 11:00pm

Skittish and Bus


Host: Skittish and Bus

Sonic Electronic is a musical adventure into the deeper recesses of the dance music scene (edm) with husband and wife dj duo, Skittish and Bus (Darren and Tara). Presented in a nonstop mix format, we explore, play, and talk about the lesser played edm music styles. While mainly focusing on the techno, house and trance families, the often ignored genres such as drum n bass, hard dance, bounce get their fair shake too, as well as everything else we find that's cool enough to share with our listeners!

Track listings and mix only versions of our show are available at Mixcloud.

We love to hear from our listeners so you can contact us at:
Sonic Electronic Facebook
Skittish and Bus Facebook

Promo tracks and mixes should be sent to:


Stripes Radio
with DJ Migz and Randy, Wednesday 10:00 - 11:00pm

DJ Migz and Randy

Stripes Radio

Host: DJ Migz and Randy

Stripes Radio is a local weekly hip hop show bringing its listeners the best and newest Hip-Hop, as well as the best old school music as the Old School Jam of the Week. The DJ's DJ Migz & Randy make sure to entertain the audience and only play the Hip-Hop music you wanna hear but they won't play.


The Library Radio Hour
with Greg Grasso, Second Monday of every month 7:00 - 8:00pm

Greg Grasso

The Library Radio Hour

Host: Greg Grasso

My interview style is probably not typical, especially for one working in an environment surrounded by books every day. When I choose an author, I look for meat and potatoes, not gravy. I try to get into their head and soul, what drives them, what got them into writing. Was it something that happened as a child, a life changing event? Was it by chance, by design or an escape from reality?

My chat with David Baldacci was not typical. Actually, it was my first of many highly respected writers I've interviewed to date. I was able to relate to David as a person, a 50+ year old male from New England, and someone who lost his father recently. It was moving for me, and I know it was moving for David. If you listen carefully, you can hear reflections in his voice when we talked about his departure novel, One Summer.

On the other hand, I was intellectually stimulated with Alexandra Fuller, an amazingly smart, courageous woman. A woman who captures and relates to her audience all the pain, joy and chaos she experienced as a child growing up in South Africa. Her latest novel Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, talks about her tumultuous ride during the 70's and 80's. And in contrast, Keith Donohue's interview was an exploration into the head of this amazing author. Keith and I had a fun time talking about his latest read, Centuries of June, which he pulled off nine complicated characters in a whirlwind of mystery, murder and suspense over a period of five centuries.

So, I invite you to listen to these interviews and hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Thanks everyone and keep reading.

Website: activate the Library Information drop-down bar and click on Library Radio Show for interview audio files.

The Sounds of ISU
with Tami Comstock, Sunday 10:00 - 11:00am

Tami Comstock

The Sounds of ISU

Host: Tami Comstock

An hour devoted to showcasing ISU music ensembles, past and present. Join me every week as we explore and enjoy the talented musician's right here in our own backyard. Performances include choir, band and symphony, as well as various musical styles, from classical to jazz. Each Sunday at 10am we will take this musical journey together.

Sounds of ISU is produced and broadcast from the ISU campus.



921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209