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A Prairie Home Companion

A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION.      Sat: 4-6pm ... Sun: 12pm-2pm

A large, loyal audience awaits you in Lake Wobegon. The only live music and variety show aired nationwide, A Prairie Home Companion is now exceeding 30 years of programming excellence. Hosted by renowned humorist and storyteller Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion features comedy sketches and music of all kinds.

All Things Considered

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.      Mon-Fri: 4-6pm      Sat-Sun: 6-7pm

Radio listeners across the nation regard All Things Considered as their afternoon drive time companion. As they leave work and head for home, they tune to KISU-FM for the latest news and information. Hosts Melissa Block, Michele Norris, and Robert Siegel are joined by an array of NPR commentators, who offer some of the nation's best news analysis.

Car Talk

CAR TALK.      Sat: 8-9am

Who knew car repair could be so hilarious? Brothers Tom & Ray Magliozzi, two MIT grads who became auto mechanics, that's who! And over four million national listeners who tune in weekly to laugh along with Car Talk agree. Mixing automotive first-aid with roadside philosophy, the two sidekick siblings advise listeners on their auto-care issues while delivering a constant stream of gags, pratfalls and unforgettable one-liners.

Fresh Air

FRESH AIR.      Mon-Fri: 10-11am

Winner of a Peabody award for excellence, Fresh Air with Terry Gross is one of public radio's most popular programs. For over 20 years, listeners have counted on Terry to deliver a fresh, unhurried look at contemporary issues. Terry's guests range from heads of state to entertainment figures. A veteran interviewer, she combines keen focus with a warm style that encourages her guests to reveal insights and draw conclusions that range far beyond typical talk radio.

Marketplace Morning Report

MARKETPLACE MORNING REPORT.      Mon-Fri: 6:50am & 7:50am

Provides business, economic and personal finance news with a fresh sound that addresses listeners' financial needs from wallet to Wall Street. Marketplace Morning Report is considered more useful by listeners than the business section of local newspapers, business programs like CNBC, weekly business magazines, and personal finance magazines.

Morning Edition

MORNING EDITION.      Mon-Fri: 5-9am

Scan your radio dial during morning drive time and listen for programming that stands out from the rest. You'll find it on public radio. Mixing humor and hard news, analysis and arts for over 25 years, Morning Edition draws more public radio listeners than any other program. Hosts Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep deftly deliver the world of perspectives that radio listeners crave to jump-start their day.

Native American Calling

NATIVE AMERICA CALLING.      Mon-Fri: 11am-noon

A live call-in program linking southeast Idaho, the Internet and listeners together in a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities. Each program engages noted guests and experts with callers throughout the United States and is designed to improve the quality of life for Native Americans.

On Point

ON POINT.      Mon-Fri: 9-10am

On Point unites distinct and provocative voices with passionate Discussion as it confronts the stories that are at the center of what is important in the world today. Leaving no perspective unchallenged, On Point digs past the surface and into the core of a subject, exposing each of its real world implications. The broadcast opens with a news brief analyzing the day's biggest stories, followed by an in-depth conversation decoding a single topic with newsmakers, thinkers, and callers, and closes with compelling personal reactions to news and important issues, including radio diaries, excerpts from speeches, or special series segments.

Studio 360

STUDIO 360.      Sat: 2-3pm

"Studio 360" explores art's creative influence and transformative power in everyday life. Through richly textured stories and insightful conversation about everything from opera to comic books, "Studio 360" presents ideas that are provocative, moving, sometimes funny, and sometimes sad. The series touches listeners' feelings and challenges their perceptions of the world.

Sunday Baroque

Sunday Baroque.      Sun: 8-10am

Sunday Baroque features Baroque and early music written before 1750. Composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel were the cornerstones of this era, with favorites including The Water Music, Royal Fireworks Music, and the Brandenburg Concertos. In the past several years, there has been a resurgence of interest in this early music, with many young, innovative performers and ensembles hitting the scene with their own interpretations of the repertoire. Sunday Baroque celebrates the current wealth of recorded music with great performances by yesterday's and today's best performers.

Talk of the Nation

TALK OF THE NATION.      Mon-Thurs: Noon-2pm

Discover a world of difference in talk radio. Talk of the Nation facilitates intelligent conversation and helps listeners search for answers. Across the country, people tune in to hear award-winning NPR journalist Neal Conan as he leads spirited discussions with intriguing, newsworthy guests on this call-in program. You take pride in your company's track record of social responsibility and your support of local organizations. Your customers appreciate that you're doing your part to contribute to the enrichment of your community.


Albert Einstein. Stephen Hawking. Robert H. Grubbs. They're household names to the active, intelligent adults who make a point each week to tune into NPR's Talk of the Nation Science Friday. Host Ira Flatow shares his enthusiasm for science and its influence on our daily lives. He covers all things scientific - from catching subatomic particles and sequencing the human genome, to surfing the Internet and predicting earthquakes.

The World

THE WORLD.      Wed: 7-8pm & Sat: 1-2pm

Each weekday, PRI's "The World" brings one-of-a-kind international stories home to America. Host Lisa Mullins guides listeners through the major issues and stories of the day, clarifying critical links between international events and domestic concerns. The result is an hour of global news and information that offers a depth of understanding and richness of perspective found nowhere else in U.S. news coverage.

This American Life

THIS AMERICAN LIFE.      Wed: 7-8pm & Sat: 1-2pm

"This American Life" documents and describes contemporary America. It is, quite literally, a new kind of radio storytelling, built around the innovative, personal vision of host Ira Glass."This American Life" explores a theme - fiascos, sentencing, conventions, the job that takes over your life - through a playful mix of radio monologues, mini-documentaries, "found tape" and unusual music, praised by listeners as "powerful," mesmerizing," "riveting."

Wait, Wait... Dont't Tell Me!

WAIT, WAIT... DON'T TELL ME!      Sat: 11am-noon

NPR's oddly informative news quiz show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! on KISU-FM, where radio listeners tune for a wacky and whip-smart approach to the week's news. Irreverently humorous host Peter Sagal tests the recall powers of guest panelists, who answer his challenges with a mix of quick wit and knowledge of current events. Together, they deliver an hour of stimulating trivia that presents the week's news in a whole new way.

Weekend Edition

WEEKEND EDITION.      Sat & Sun: 6-8am

From retail stores to consumer goods to service industries, people make their biggest buying decisions during the weekend. NPR's Scott Simon hosts Weekend Edition Saturday and wraps up the week's news with a fresh point of view. From small-town America to remote destinations, whether profiling notable personalities or interviewing everyday people. Weekend Edition Saturday appreciates the extraordinary details in every story. On Weekend Edition Sunday, host Liane Hansen effortlessly blends news and information with arts and cultural features. New York Times puzzle master Will Shortz offers a weekly brain teaser, and newspaper columnists across the country add insight.

Whad'Ya Know?

WHAD' YA KNOW?      Sat: 9-11am

A two-hour comedy/quiz/interview show that is dynamic, varied, and thoroughly entertaining. Host and quiz-master Michael Feldman invites contestants to answer questions drawn from his limitless store of information. Regular program elements include a "Whad'Ya Know?" quiz in each hour, an interview (or perhaps a hotline call-in) with someone not making the headlines, jazz with John Thulin and Jeff Eckels, and banter with sidekick Jim Packard. Wit and offbeat humor are the watchwords from the man many outstaters call "The Sage of Wisconsin."

Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour


The worldwide live audience, multi-media celebration of grassroots, Americana music. Get ready to explore the beautiful world of folk, bluegrass, songwriting, new artists, literature, worldwide radio, television and concerts.

World Cafe

WORLD CAFÉ.      Mon-Fri: 2-4pm

The World Café® has emerged as the premier public radio showcase for contemporary music serving up an eclectic blend that includes blues, rock, world, folk, and alternative country. The show is hosted by long-time Philadelphia radio personality David Dye. A passionate music enthusiast, Dye takes listeners on a unique journey of musical discovery as he presents a mix of music from both new and legendary artists. Live performances and intimate interviews with Dye's musical guests highlight each day's show.

Zorba Paster on Your Health


A lively, refreshingly down-to-earth talk show on personal health and fitness. Zorba Paster, M.D., and Tom Clark take callers' questions from around the country, covering what's new in medicine and sharing tips for healthy living. By dialing 800.462.7413, they can get straight answers to their fitness and health questions. The show's upbeat, "wellness" approach emphasizes a healthy lifestyle and diet - right down to a Heart-Healthy Recipe of the Week. As a family physician, clinical researcher and university professor, Paster has a depth and range listeners can count on during this friendly "house-call."

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