KISU-FM Studio

Tax Deductible

Underwriting support on KISU-FM Radio, unlike underwriting on Idaho Public Television, falls under the category of a #8220 "educational donation". This is due to the fact that KISU Radio is in part supported by student fees of Idaho State University and therefore is considered a department of the University and falls under its tax deductible statutes. So even though a business receives acknowledgement messages on the air for their support, the underwriting funding is treated, for example, just like a donation to the Bengal Foundation and the same tax advantages come into play.

Underwriting support to KISU-FM from your business has two advantages. First, your messages reach an audience of public radio listeners who are educated, influential, politically active and affluent with discretionary money to purchase your products; and second, tax deductible savings. A win-win situation for you.

We encourage you to check with your tax consultant before filing your forms.


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