Safe Zone

Safe Zone is an in-depth, 2 hour long training in which faculty and staff are educated on matters related to the LGBTQ community, as well as are given the option to register as an official ISU Safe Zone member. Safe Zone members are individuals comfortable and capable of assisting students find LGBTQ resources here on campus, as well as providing a safe person for the student to discuss issues related to the LGBTQ presence here; this includes such matters as coming out, finding allies, and helping make campus a more comforting and inviting place. Find out more.


LGBTQ 101: This training is a 45 minute overview of various LGBTQ issues, especially as they pertain to campus. The training is available to any group, department, class, student organization, and more. Issues related to coming out and how to be an ally are touched upon here, all in order to help make campus a more inclusive, welcoming, and affirming place for the LGBTQ community.Find out more


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