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Adopt a Journal - Save a Subscription You Love

Eli M. Oboler Library - Idaho State University

The rising cost of journals is making it increasingly difficult for university libraries to provide the academic research materials on which scholars depend. You can assure that vital publications remain available by participating in the Oboler Library Adopt-a-Journal program.

The Adopt-a-Journal program allows you to contribute to a journal subscription of your choice. Your gift will help ISU scholars reach their potential in the classroom and in academic publishing while bolstering the Universityís stature in the research community. As a gesture of appreciation, the Library will post your name adjacent to the materials you sponsor.

Gifts to support the partial or shared adoption of a journal would also be put to productive use. Your contribution to education may be eligible for a tax deduction or credit. For more information about Adopt-a-Journal, contact the Library Deanís office at (208) 282-2997 or rothsusa@isu.edu.

Scholarly periodicals cost considerably more than popular magazines, consuming more than half the Libraryís annual budget. Rising prices and constrained budgets compromise the Libraryís ability to support local scholars in their work. Your support can keep much-needed authoritative sources available to ISUís 14,000 students and help its 650 faculty members conduct important scholarly research.

Prices of journals vary widely. Listed below are average annual subscription rates for journals (in print or electronic form) in various academic fields. Information on further categories and specific titles is available upon request.

Discipline Average Journal Cost (2012)
Biology $2,145
Chemistry $3,889
Computer Science (includes Mathematics) $1,712
Engineering $1,774
English $269
Ethnographic Video Online $1,971
Health Sciences $1,345
History $340

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