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Gift Materials Policy

The Library welcomes and encourages the donation of published, manuscript and archival materials. Gifts provide a valuable supplement to purchased materials and often add to the collection rare or unique items that cannot be acquired in any other way. At the same time, because processing gift materials entails significant costs, and the Library seeks to maintain high standards of collection quality and appropriateness, the Library carefully reviews each item donated before it is processed, cataloged and added to the collection. Items that are not a good match with the collection may be offered to other libraries or for sale or may be discarded, except when the donor has requested that he/she be able to reclaim them.

Among the kinds of materials that tend not to match the Library's collection goals are short or incomplete runs of periodicals, especially those not currently subscribed to; out-of-date textbooks; complimentary instructor's copies; obsolete reference materials; mass-market paperbacks; pamphlets; and damaged or physically ephemeral materials of all kinds. Most gift items which duplicate materials already owned by the Library will not be added. Some, however, may prove useful as second copies or as replacements for owned copies which are in poor condition.


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