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Library information supplied by Edit Szántó (6-22-06)
Library & Instructional Technology Center Director

  1. General description of the services offered currently to our [CSI] extension students.
    • Extension students (BSU, ISU, U of I, NNU) who are taking classes on the CSI campus and are on the list of students provided by each university are eligible for a CSI Library card valid for that semester.
    • Students must provide official picture identification when applying for a library card.
    • Extension students must complete a CSI Library application form before checking out items.
    • The form must be completed at least once each semester and at any time their address or contact information changes.
  2. Extension students taking classes on our [CSI] campus have very similar privileges to CSI students.
    • They can borrow materials from our collection, faculty can place items on reserve, they can also use our e-Reserve system, face-to-face and virtual reference services, interlibrary loan services, instructional services (attending various training sessions offered by the CSI library staff), as well as use of our computer lab, group study rooms, audio-visual room, etc.
    • Extension students can access most of our online resources from any computer on our campus.
    • CSI library staff can also help extension students with the use of various online services (understanding how to use document delivery, interlibrary loan, article delivery, etc.).
    • Note: Although we do provide access to our computer lab, ISU has chosen not to take advantage of this opportunity as they want their students to use their lab that is located in the Evergreen building.

      BSU students use our computer lab.

      We create accounts for them just like CSI students have, with 500 black and white pages print allowance per spring and fall semester and 250 black and white pages during the summer semester (it is a use it or lose it balance; unused pages do not transfer to the next semester).

      Most of our online resources do not require login on campus, so extension students can access those resources from any computer on our campus. 

      Off-campus, we do use a proxy server to access the online resources which requires login.

      At this point only those who have are registered in CSI classes have logins created automatically by our network personnel.

  3. BSU, ISU, U of I, NNU students who live in the eight-county area but are not taking classes on the CSI campus are not considered extension students.  If they wish to use our library services, they would have to apply for a CSI Library Courtesy Card.
  4. Any adult (over 18 years of age) permanent resident of the eight counties (Twin Falls, Jerome, Gooding, Cassia, Minidoka, Lincoln, Blaine and Elmore) served by CSI is eligible to apply for a CSI Library Courtesy Card.  CSI Library Courtesy Card holders enjoy many of the benefits enjoyed by CSI students, faculty and staff, with few restrictions.  Patrons must complete a CSI Library application form before checking out items.  The form must be completed at each renewal of the card.  The cost is $25 per year.

    Senior citizens (over 60) may purchase a card for ½ of the annual price ($12.50).  The applicant must present an official picture identification and official proof of address (driver's license with current address, utility bill, a preprinted check, or other official mail addressed to the applicant).

    The CSI Library Courtesy Card is an individual card.  Family, group or agency cards are not available. Courtesy card holders are entitled to checkout privileges for books, videos, DVDs, CDs, audiocassettes, and pamphlets.  Courtesy card holders may also request up to five items through interlibrary loan per year.  They can access most of our online resources on campus.  They cannot access our online resources remotely.  The computers are primarily for CSI student use.  CSI Library Courtesy Card holders may use the computers, if there is one available, for one-hour per day.  Courtesy Card holders must sign in and out at the front desk, and must yield the computer to students if other computers are not available.  Black and white printing is charged at $.20 a page, color printing is charged at $1.00 a page.

    Although I only started working at the library two years ago, from some of the documentation that was left behind and from talking to the employees who have worked here for many years, seems like for years we used to have a $10 per semester per student fee assessed for library privileges for every extension student (paid by university libraries).  When the courier service was started, that fee somehow went away and it was not reinstated when the courier service folded.  Extension students have not been charged the $25 Courtesy Card fee. 

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