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Remote User Access and

Additional Information About Database Login

Satellite Dish representing distance service

Remote User Access

The Eli M. Oboler Library web site and Library Catalog are freely available over the web. Access to databases that show "Unrestricted" are available from anywhere and by anyone. However, access to some online databases and electronic journals licensed by the Idaho State University Library are available only for certain users affiliated with ISU:

  • Distance Education Students (enrolled in distance or off campus programs), can access the licensed databases by using computers at Idaho State University-Meridian, Idaho State University-Twin Falls or at Idaho State University-Idaho Falls Computer Labs or Library. If you are using a commercial or private Internet Service Providers, follow the instructions below.
  • Students, Faculty and Staff who access the Internet via a commercial or private Internet Service Provider (e.g. AOL, Microserv, Qwest, All Idaho) can access databases that show access restrictions as "On & Off Campus" via a proxy server service supported by the Oboler Library.

    If a private Internet Service Provider (ISP) is used to connect to the Internet, you will need to "Login" before you can access a restricted database or electronic journal. When prompted, use your ISU ID Number and your Last Name to login.

    Locating login information

    If you are faculty, staff or student and are having problems logging in, you can check your ISU ID Number by calling the HelpDesk at (208) 282-4357 and Last Name by contacting the Circulation Desk at (208) 282-3248.

    Your ISU ID Number and last name must match what the Library has on record for you. If you are a student, you must be registered or pre-registered for class(es) before you can use the Library's remote access, electronic resources.

    Database Access Restrictions

    On the chart that lists the databases, the accessibility information is included in the far right column. Clicking on the accessibility information will show an explanation of any special access restrictions. For most databases, the "login" screen appears immediately after clicking the name of a database. This is the place where you must enter your ISU ID Number and Last Name. Following are descriptions of what the access restrictions mean:

    On & Off Campus
    For distance access, you must be affiliated with ISU as faculty, staff or student. If you are using a private Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the Internet you will need to "Login" to the database before you can access it. When prompted, supply your ISU ID Number and your Last Name.
    Access to these databases varies. Information about access restrictions is included in the database description.
    Available to anyone over the Internet.

    Additional Information About Database Login

    Using an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP)

    When using an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) to gain access to the Internet, you can only access the databases with access restrictions identified as "On & Off Campus" and "Unrestricted".

    • If you are using an independent ISP, login to your ISP as you normally would.
    • When you click on a link to a restricted database, you are prompted to login to verify that you are affiliated with ISU. Simply enter your ISU ISU ID Number and Last Name (as the Library has it in your active Patron record) to login.

    Cookies  Whichever browser you use (Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari or other), the browser must be set to accept cookies.

    Java, JavaScript    Whichever browser you use (Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari or other), Java and JavaScript must be enabled.

    Problems? First try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, then restart it (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).

    HughesNet satellite service (ISP) utilizes an “accelerator (Turbo)” which causes problems when remotely accessing EBSCO and EBSCOhost resources supplied by the Library. If you have HughesNet as your ISP and cannot successfully, remotely access EBSCO resources, contact Systems at the Library for assistance in disabling the Turbo accelerator.

    Contact Systems at the Library if you still aren't able to login to a database or electronic journals, or if you encounter any additional problems.


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