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International and United Nations

United Nations

About the United Nations
From the U.N.

The United Nations in Brief
From the U.N.

United Nations Documentation: Research Guide
From the U.N.

United Nations Home Page

United Nations Scholars' Workshop
From Yale University

United Nations Specialized Agency Publications
From Stanford University

United Nations System Pathfinder
From the U.N.

United Nations Treaty Collection
From the U.N.


Foreign Governments
From the Northwestern University Library.

Provides population, geopolitical and some economic statistics for the world. Information is drawn from and referenced to the original statistical source (e.g. U.S. Census, World Bank, etc.)

Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO’s)
From the Northwestern University Library. Many links with titles buried in the agency pages.

International Data Base (IDB)
The International Data Base (IDB) offers a variety of demographic indicators for countries and areas of the world with a population of 5,000 or more. Includes data such as “estimates and projections of: Birth, death, and growth rates, migration rates, infant mortality, and life expectancy; Fertility rates;Total population and population by age and sex” Provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

International Statistical Agencies


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