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Laws and Regulations:

Sources for the United States and Idaho

Statutory Law

U.S. Laws - Internet Sources

Public and Private Laws http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/browse/collection.action?collectionCode=PLAW

Public Laws http://thomas.loc.gov/
From the Library of Congress. 93rd Congress, 1973-
Look for "Public Laws"

U.S. Code. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/browse/collectionUScode.action?collectionCode=USCODE

U.S. Laws - Print Sources

Slip Laws. Washington: Government Printing Office.
(AE 2.110:)
First publication of new laws. Arranged by public law numbers running in sequence, beginning with each Congress. (Sample: PL 103-59) Special features are marginal notes and brief legislative histories. Slip laws are replaced by the U.S. Statutes at Large.

U.S. Statutes at Large (Stat) Washington: Government Printing Office, 1789-
(AE 2.111:)
Chronological arrangement of laws published in bound volumes. Permanent retrospective record of full texts of all public and private laws passed during a given year. Has a subject index.  Legal citation: vol. Stat. page

U.S. Code (USC) Washington: Government Printing Office.
(Y 1.2/5: latest editions in Law Library)
Arranged by 50 broad subjects known as "titles." Contains all general and permanent laws of the U.S. currently in force. Issued every six years with cumulative annual supplements issued after each congressional session. Includes general subject indexes, list of acts by popular names, tables of statutes in force or repealed, etc. Final publication of a law. Legal citation: title USC section

United States Code Annotated (USCA) West Publishing See 1st floor Law Library KF 62.5 .W45
An annotated version of the Code, provides the text of the Code with annotations from Federal and State courts. Also provides annotations to the Constitution. Separate volumes include Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence. Kept up to date with pocket parts, supplementary volumes and replacement volumes.

Idaho State Laws - Internet Sources

Idaho Statutes - Table of Contents. From the Idaho Legislature

Idaho Statutes - Key Word Search. From the Idaho Legislature

Idaho State Laws - Print Sources

General Laws of the State of Idaho (Session Laws)  (Idaho Session Laws) Boise: Secretary of State
(Id Docs KFI 25 .A3: Idaho doc stacks, paper 1880+ ; on fiche 1863-1888, 1890-1899)
Chronological arrangement of laws signed by the governor or passed over a veto. Arranged by chapters. Shows original bill number and date approved. Includes Senate & House memorials, Senate & House concurrent resolutions, and governors' executive orders. Indexes: alphabetical index of laws according to subject matter; code index; numerical index of laws by bill number.

Idaho Code (IC): Michie Co.
(Law Library KFI 30 1947 .A2, latest edition & supplements)
Official edition of current laws of a general and permanent nature for Idaho. Arranged in 73 subject groupings called "titles." Index at the end of each volume and at the end for the whole set (in soft covers). Has references to court cases. Up-dated by annual supplements. (v.1 contains Idaho constitution)

Idaho Code. Idaho Court Rules.
(Law Library KFI 529 .A4, latest edition)
Rules for various state and U.S. courts. Annotations are given to standard legal sources.

Idaho City Laws

Pocatello Municipal Code: A Codification of the General Ordinances of Pocatello, Idaho.
(KFX 2173 .P6 A35 1983, latest in Law Library; earlier 1922, 1947, 1965 in Idaho Documents Stacks on the 3rd. floor.)
Rules and regulations arranged by subject matter using a 3 factor decimal system designating title, chapter and section. Legislative history of sections is given in parentheses. Arranged in 17 titles [subject groupings]. Includes statutory references for Idaho cities; various tables including a list of ordinances by numbers and their disposition, ordinance history. Subject index at end. Updated with supplemental sheets. No longer updated in paper, current edition is online here

Regulatory Law

U.S. Regulations - Internet Sources

Federal Register.

Code of Federal Regulations.

U.S. Regulations - Print Sources

Federal Register (FR) Washington: Government Printing Office, 1936-
(AE 2.106: [Paper Issues]. Also on microfilm, 1950-  [For 1936-38, see AE 2.7:])
Daily listing arranged alphabetically by issuing agency. Contains all Presidential proclamations and executive orders; rules and regulations of agencies and departments; decisions of Federal agencies affecting individuals and corporate bodies. Includes information regarding proposed new rules and regulations. Also includes a "Cumulative List of Parts Affected" which is a numerical guide to titles and sections of the Code of Federal Regulations affected by amendments published in each issue. Indexes: Cumulative monthly index.
Paper issues are replaced by microfilm (Legal citation: vol FR page)

Federal Register Index.  Washington: Government Printing Office,
(AE 2.106: paper issues kept with set; also on microfilm)
Monthly cumulative indexes with final annual index. Topics are accessed through agency name.

Code of Federal Regulations. (CFR) Washington: Government Printing Office. (AE 2.106/3: latest edition in the Law Library)
Annual listing of revised Agency rules which were first published in the Federal Register. Revised annually in quarterly segments. Contains all Federal administrative rules, regulations and guidelines that are currently in force. Organized by 50 subjects groupings known as "titles". Has a separate subject index with broad subject terms. (Legal citation: title CFR section)

CFR Index and Finding Aids.
(AE 2.106/3-2: Latest editions in the Law Library)
Government index to regulations as of January 1 of each year. Subject headings are broad rather than specific. Strong on agency & department names. Gives references to title and section numbers.  Tables; authorities; acts requiring publication, list of CFR titles, chapters, subchapters, and parts; and alphabetical list of agencies appearing in the CFR.

LSA: List of CFR Sections Affected. Washington: Government Printing Office. (AE 2.106/2: 2002-current edition in the Law Library)
Monthly cumulative publication which lists new amendatory actions published in the Federal Register by their sections in the CFR. Entries are by CFR title, chapter, part, and section. Each entry indicates the type of change by indicating page numbers in the Federal Register.

List of CFR Sections Affected (historical set).
(AE 1.106/2-2: have 1949-2000)
Cumulates the monthly List of CFR Sections Affected and provides indexing to the Federal Register

Guide to Record Retention Requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations
(Documents Reference AE 1.108:R 24/4/994)

Idaho Regulations - Internet Source

Idaho Administrative Rules (Bulletin & Code Regulations). From Idaho Department of Administration

Idaho Regulations - Print Sources

Idaho Administrative Bulletin. Boise: State Controller.
(Law KFI 35.5)
Monthly listing of temporary, proposed and final rules. "Temporary rules" are listed only in this source. Cited by years and issue number. Organized by agency identification codes known as IDAPA and an agency subdivision number. Bulletins are supplements to the following source. Has a cumulative index of IDAPA listings.

Idaho Administrative Code. Boise: State Controller.
(Law KFI 35.5 .I282:) on CD-ROM
Annual compilation of the Idaho Administrative Bulletin. Presents all final agency rules of a general and permanent nature for Idaho state agencies. "Temporary rules" are not included in this compilation.


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