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On the First Floor, a typewriter is available for public use along the wall, behind the public computers.
Paper cutter and stapler
Office items for use free of charge are located on the First Floor in the Student Lounge, including a paper cutter, hole puncher, stapler, and pencil sharpener.
Pencil sharpener
First Floor — There is an electric pencil sharpener on a high table near the Reference Desk and a second one in the Student Lounge.

Second Floor — There are six manual pencil sharpeners spread throughout the southern half of the second floor Main Collection stacks. Two more are in the northern half.

Third Floor — A manual pencil sharpener is located on the back of an old card catalog. In the Periodical stacks, on the window side of Row 12, there is another manual one.

Get a job in the library

Applications for student employment are available in the administration area on the first floor of the Library, or online at our Student Employment Application page. If you are submitting a paper application picked up at the Library, leave it at the administrative main office (room 112B). For other jobs, both Classified and Faculty, check the Human Resources Employment web page.

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