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Collection Management Department

Responsible for setting and monitoring materials budget; acquiring, cataloging and maintaining material of all formats within the library's collection; and establishing access and resolving access issues for electronic resources. Contact: Karl Bridges.

Department Function Contact
Acquisitions Provides preliminary cataloging records for loading into online catalog. Places orders for books and media. Tracks orders. Authorizes invoice payment. Nancy Germain, Head
Bindery Prepares journals and books for commercial binding and makes in-house book repairs as needed. Authorizes invoice payment. Claudia Mecham, Head
Catalog Maintenance Administers regular dataloads of pre-selected records into online catalog. Resolves data errors. Mary Lou Beran, Coordinator
Cataloging Provides final cataloging records for loading into online catalog. Maintains online catalog for errors, withdrawals, updates. Packages media material. Jolene Barnett-Stephens
Collection Development Contact point for donating to the library. Oversees library bibliographer program. Cheryl Sebold
Electronic Resources Performs access, renewal and maintenance duties for the Library's electronic resources. Regina Koury
Mail Room Receives and distributes Library mail, including books, journals and both incoming and outgoing interlibrary loan materials. Robert Hancock
Serials Places orders for periodicals and other serials, including electronic databases and journals. Monitors subscriptions. Authorizes invoice payment. Pam Van Vleck, Head


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209