The Benefits of Academic Integrity

To Idaho State University
Instructors are here to teach important skills about critical thinking, writing, and using sources, as well as the course content. If students cheat, plagiarize, or are academically dishonest, materials and skills are not learned; thus, the credibility of the students and the University is reduced.

For the University as a whole, observance of the code of academic honesty ensures that students will maximize their learning opportunities and be judged fairly for their achievements.

Hands reaching up. To the Student
Academic honesty provides the following student opportunities:
  • Learn the career skills and knowledge required for future success.
  • Create trust between peers and professors.
  • Provide the satisfaction of knowing ethical principles have been followed.
  • Earn the right to take full credit for work accomplished.
  • Form the habit of self-reliance.
  • Avoid the serious consequences of academic dishonesty.

To Potential Employers
Hiring employees that are competent in the field they have been trained allows employers to trust that their business will continue to function in a successful way. This success maintains the basis of a stable economic society.

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