Editing, Evaluating, and Proofreading

Carefully editing your work can save you time as you work through your research and writing.

Things to watch for while editing:

  • Change distinctive words and phrases when you paraphrase. Make sure the work has truly been rephrased in your own words.
  • Cite page numbers and authors when quoting or paraphrasing.
  • Make sure quoted material has quotation marks around it.
  • Check that quotes and paraphrased material are listed in the bibliography and vice versa.

Reread the finished work more than once before turning it in. For many students, researchers, and writers, writing involves dozens of small edits, rewrites, changes, and rough drafts. Check for clarity, continuity and correctness.

Having someone proofread the work if possible. Proofreading can also help catch run-on sentences, typos, and other problems. The ISU Writing Center can also help you draft and edit your papers.