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Our mission is to help you learn to use library resources efficiently and effectively. We offer a variety of seminars, workshops, and classes that will teach you how to navigate the library and how to find the best information for your research. You can also arrange to meet with the instruction librarian for individual instruction, or you can drop by the reference desk for informal help at any time.


  • For scheduling, call (208) 282-3250 or email:libinst@isu.edu
  • For questions about instruction, please contact Spencer Jardine, Coordinator of Instruction, at (208) 282-5609.

Scheduling/Requesting Instruction

First, check the Instruction Calendar links below to see if a Library classroom is available on the day you would like to hold your class. Please submit instruction requests at least seven days before the needed instruction.

  • Library Room 212: includes 26 computer workstations, a projector, a screen, a tech podium, an ELMO, a whiteboard, a blackboard, and demonstration software.
  • Library Room 266: includes 42 seats, eight tables, a projector, screen, tech station, podium, ELMO, television, and whiteboard. Located in back (left), northeast corner near the study rooms.
  • Alternate Rooms: includes scheduled First Year Seminar scavenger hunts, tours, and library instruction given in other locations, both on and off campus.
  • IF-University Library Center: Library instruction in Idaho Falls occurs on the University Place and EITC campuses.  A mobile computer lab with 24 laptops can be used in the CHE classrooms.  At EITC, a computer lab with 22 desktop computers can be scheduled.  All students may use their personal laptop computers (especially in classes with more than 24 students).   Library instruction can be provided in CHE distance classrooms.
  • Library-Meridian: offers instruction within Meridian campus classrooms and computer labs for distance and non-distance classrooms alike depending on faculty and student needs.  Distance education via the Collaborate software is also available.
Classroom 212

Second, fill out and submit one of the following forms. Instruction requests will be processed as soon as possible.  Email libinst@isu.edu, call the Instruction Scheduler (282-3250), or talk with the Coordinator of Instruction (282-5609) if you have any questions or concerns regarding your request.

Library Instruction Ideas

Here are just a few kinds of instruction sessions/services we can offer:

  • Basic research strategies with the catalog and article databases
  • Finding a book in the catalog and on the shelves
  • Research hour (we can open the computer classroom for your students to conduct research with a librarian on hand to offer reference assistance)
  • Customized databases (usually for upper-division and graduate students within their disciplines). Ex: Web of Science, MLA Bibliography, PsychInfo, ERIC, etc.
  • Conducting a literature review: finding dissertations, requesting books and articles via interlibrary loan, specialized article indexes/databases, etc. (mainly for those writing a thesis i.e. graduate students)
  • Library tours and scavenger hunts
  • Academic Integrity/Plagiarism tutorials and discussions
  • Jeopardy (Library edition: a game in which students compete to answer questions about the Library. A tour, SearchPath Tutorial, or handout should be taken or studied before this activity to make it more successful.)
  • Guidance with library-created tutorials such as SearchPath
  • See also our Instructional Services Handout




Policies and Procedures

Library Instructors

Kristi Austin
Beth Downing
Regina Koury
Jolene Barnett-Stephens
Catherine Gray
Molly Montgomery
Mary Lou Beran
  Ellen Ryan
Charissa Brammer
Philip Homan
Jenny Semenza
Karl Bridges
Spencer Jardine
Sandra Shropshire

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