Project Development
Creative project funding form the Librarians' Forum provided funding for release time for the authors, assistance with coding, and software. Thanks to Elaine Anderson Jayne and Maira Bundza from the Waldo Library at Western Michigan University (WMU) for their generous support during our adaptation process. In addition, we would like to acknowledge our debt to the outstanding example of TILT, from which we drew inspiration.

U-M Searchpath was adapted from Western Michigan University's Searchpath by:

Amanda Forrester project coordinator, content
Debbie Tenofsky content
Barbara Kolekamp content
Harold Tuckett web technical expert
Kelly Tyler coding, photography, images
Renoir Gaither Flash movies

The "Call Numbers" page, is reproduced with the permission of Seattle Community College District Libraries at Many of the graphics came from TILT, others were created by Kelly Tyler, Elaine Anderson Jayne, Judith Arnold, or come from free clip art collections such as the Action-Links Clip Art Archive and the Northern Illinois University images. The photo of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Module 6 is courtesy of WMU Archives & Regional History Collections.


Original U-M Searchpath material © 2002 by the Regents of the University of Michigan. U-M Searchpath is based upon Searchpath by the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University which incorporates material from TILT, a tutorial developed by the Digital Information Literacy Office for the University of Texas System Digital Library, © 1998-2002. This material may be reproduced, distributed, or incorporated only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Searchpath Open Publication License.

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