Article Databases
An article database or article index identifies references to articles in magazines, journals and newspapers. Most article databases provide full-text access to the majority of the articles they index. Some just contain abstracts, or summaries of the articles. When you cannot locate or access the full article use the A-Z Journal List (which will be explained later in the tutorial) or ask a librarian for assistance.
Use an Online Periodical Index
  • when researching a topic in magazines, journals or newspapers
  • when you want to find articles on a specific subject of your choice
  • when you want to find and read scholarly or peer-reviewed articles

Examples of Periodical Indexes

  • Academic Search Complete (a general article database with lots of full text)
  • PsycINFO (a subject article index in psychology with no full text)
  • EconLit (a subject article index in economics with some full text)