List of Records

Not all of the articles you find in Academic Search Complete will be in full text. However, the article may be in full text in another database, or in the Oboler Library's collection of print journals. To learn more about the availability of the article, you can click on the " Find It " button. For example, let's say that you are really interested in getting article number 20, an article that is not in full text (notice that there are no HTML or PDF full-text links). After clicking the "Display more details about this journal" button a new window will appear as shown below.

"Find It " reveals that although the article is not available in full text in Academic Search Complete, it is in full text in a database called "ProQuest Nursing Journals. Once you click on the ProQuest Nursing Journals link you will arrive at a link that will take you to the full text of the article. If the article was not in full text in any of the databases you would still see a link to the "Eli M. Oboler Library Catalog" (second link down). Clicking here would let you find out if the journal containing the article you desire is in our print collection.

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