Groups on the Internet

The information you find on the Internet is as varied as the people who put it there. Groups that publish information on the Internet include:

Library of Congress

Libraries - The Library of Congress puts copies of important historical photographs and documents on their site called The American Memory Project. Other libraries provide access to their catalogs, databases, and other resources on their home pages.
Idaho State University

Universities - In addition to providing information for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, many universities offer online classes as well as provide space for faculty and students to produce Web pages.

U.S. Flag Government Agencies - In order to make information widely available, federal, state and local governments publish many documents on the Internet. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) puts copies of tax forms on the Internet.
United Nations Organizations - Organizations publish information about their purposes on the Internet. For example, the American Lung Association uses its web pages to educate individuals about the dangers of smoking tobacco products.
McDonalds Companies - Many companies publish financial documents and press releases on their sites. They use the Internet as a major marketing tool.
People People - With a computer and a phone connection, anyone, anywhere in the world, can publish on the Internet.