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Information for Visitors from Area Schools

What to Expect | Before You Visit | Helpful Hints

What to Expect

The Library wants to provide ISU students, faculty, and staff the best service possible. We are pleased to extend these services to area schools. To achieve this goal, we want to tailor your visit to best fit your objectives. The Library offers three activities from which to choose. Select from the following options, keeping in mind you can elect to have any combination of the three.

A guided tour of the entire Library specifically identifying areas the students generally use.

A 30-minute to one-hour presentation that covers anything from the basics of research to evaluating sources.

Library Research
Use the Library and its resources without any library instruction. Students may ask any questions at the reference desk. Please make arrangements with the Library for the date and time your students will be here. Reference librarians can open the computer classroom and offer assistance to students on their projects.

Picture of Instruction Classroom at Eli M. Oboler Library

     Instruction Classroom

Before You Visit

One month prior:

Decide who, when, why, and how many

Who: Which classes will come to use the Library?

When: What date and time is best? (Have a back-up date just in case the first choice is unavailable.)

Why: What are your objectives for this field trip? How can the Library staff help you meet these objectives?

How many: The Library's computer lab classroom (Rooom 212) can hold 26 students. If you have a larger group, then the class could be split. While one group is on a tour, the other could be in the classroom. Another instruction room (Room 266) offers flexibility in planning and instruction; however, it does not have computers for hands-on-practice.

Request a date and time for instruction


Consent Forms:
Students under the age of 18 need parental consent in order to use the Library's unfiltered computers. Print out the form and ask students to get a signature.

Spencer Jardine   (208) 282-5609


One day prior to visit:

Remind students of visit

Cover Library expectations for students

Quiet voices on all floors of the Library

Be attentive during the tour

Follow any instructions given by librarians

Respect the Library's materials and equipment

Come prepared to learn: bring research materials, including a jump drive or memory device of some kind

Helpful Hints

  • A one month advance notice of a visit will help ensure your requested date and time. The Library is not always able to make accommodations on short notice. However, we can take requests as late as two weeks prior to your visit.
  • There are snack and drink machines, printers, and copiers available for student use. The Library cannot make change. It is suggested that your students bring change, or one or five-dollar bills if they will be using these machines.
  • Field trips are usually more successful when there is at least one adult for every ten students.
  • The Library has a student lounge where students can eat lunch. However, the space is limited, and a large group may not be comfortable. The Rendezvous and Student Union Buildings are a short walk away, serve a variety of food, and would be able to accommodate large groups of students.

Picture of Eli M. Oboler Library

     Idaho State University
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     850 S. 9th, Campus Box 8089
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     Phone: (208) 282-3248
     Fax: (208) 282-5847

The Library staff at Eli M. Oboler Library wishes to thank you for visiting our library. We love providing library services to the area schools!


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209