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Oboler Library Computer and Internet Use Policy

Those who may use computers at the Oboler Library

Personal computers are available in the Library for use by members of the general public and by ISU students, staff and faculty. The majority of computers located on the first floor of the Library require a login using an active ISU ID Number and corresponding Last Name. Members of the general public may register at the Circulation Desk for use of one of four dedicated computers - time limits and age restrictions will be imposed. Second floor computers are configured to access only the Library's online catalog and are available to all patrons. On the third floor, one computer is configured for Library online catalog use only. All other computers on the third floor are restricted to use by ISU students, staff, and faculty. Visitors with government documents or health-related questions should contact the Government Documents Librarian or Idaho Health Sciences Library staff for assistance. Note: machines in the second-floor computer lab are under the control of the Computing and Communications Department, not the Library, and different use restrictions apply.

Types of Use Allowed

In accordance with the Library's mission and with state mandate, computers are provided for the purpose of research and other educational endeavors. Therefore, excessive recreational use of the computers (e.g. game-playing), use that is entirely personal and unrelated to information-gathering (e.g. chat-room and personal email), and use for purposes of private financial gain (e.g. conducting business, eBay), is inappropriate. The Library reserves the right to require, at any time, that a computer user engaged in such activities cease doing so.

Library Regulations on Computer Use

The Library reserves the right to ask any person to cease using a public-access computer if the library staff has reasonable grounds to believe that that person is violating University or Library policy. Prohibited uses of Library computers include all those that violate federal or state laws, or university regulations, or are wholly inconsistent with the Library's goals and function. Among such prohibited uses are:

  1. Accessing child-pornography sites;
  2. Hacking, including installing software and/or changing settings on the local PC;
  3. Physically damaging computers;
  4. Disruption or obstruction of authorized use of the network;
  5. Destroying the integrity of computer-based information;
  6. Engaging in the public display of offensive sexual material (Idaho Code, Title 18, Chapter 41, Appendix 2B);
  7. Engaging in sexual harassment of library staff or other patrons through the use of Internet sites;
  8. Infringing copyright or licensing agreements;
  9. Using library computers with the intention of threatening, intimidating or invading the privacy of others;
  10. Using library computers in ways blatantly inconsistent with the primary purposes for which they are intended (see Types of Use Allowed, above.)

Enforcement of Library Regulations

  1. If a patron is discovered to be engaged in any of the prohibited activities described in Library Regulations on Computer Use, a-e (above), Campus Security will immediately be called to aid in enforcing Library regulations.
  2. A patron who is discovered by Library staff to be engaged in any other of the prohibited activities described in Library Regulations on Computer Use (above) will, at the first offense, be asked by a staff member to suspend the unauthorized activity, and must comply with this request immediately.
  3. If, after being requested by Library staff to cease a prohibited use, a patron refuses to do so, or subsequently commits another violation, Campus Security will be summoned to aid in enforcing Library regulations.
  4. Those who persist in violating computer use regulations will be subject to further sanctions. Non-university patrons can be banned from the Library building, or, in more serious cases, from entering the university campus. Patrons from the university community are subject to campus disciplinary procedures.

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09/30/03 - Approved by University Attorney
Revised 07/20/04 - Approved by Library Administrative Council
Revised 04/29/11 - Minor correctional editing
Revised 05/31/11 - Minor correctional editing
Revised 08/30/11 - Minor correctional editing


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