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Banned Book Week 2014

Winners of our Banned Book Titles Poetry Contest

Brave (New?) World: A Sonnet
by Samuel H.


The perks of being Captain Underpants
Have often been omitted from my view,
I've been looking from Alaska to France
And only found the absolutely true
Blue diary of a part-time bad boy,
Wherein, bless me, there are some shades of grey
Within those pages which indeed annoy
Big Brother and the firemen today.
And yet the bones left from these hunger games
Can be good for our world. Librarians
Often explain the reason why these claims
Have been the scary stories of the simians:
Beloved, do not let your own castle
Be made of glass and be quite such a hassle.

by Zara S.


Run, white rabbit, run.
Alice stumbles down the hole,
Into a new world.

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