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Purchase a Thesis/Dissertation

Dissertations and theses that are available through Dissertation Express (ProQuest) can be purchased through the Interlibrary Loan Office. The Interlibrary Loan office will contact you via email when the item(s) arrives. Costs are $31 per item for PDF/Electronic copy or $33 per item for unbound, shrinkwrapped paper copy. NOTE: prices are subject to change. You will be billed via the Library/University billing system (notice sent via email). Charges can be billed to a University department account provided the account number is supplied at the time of ordering. Please contact Teresa Warren at (208) 282-3127 or warrmary@isu.edu for more information.

To purchase a thesis/dissertation, please complete the following form. ONE ITEM PER FORM!

Information about the dissertation:
indicates required information

*Title of Dissertation
*Author of Dissertation
*Publishing University
*Requested Format
   (PDF/Electronic for $31 or
   Softbound paper copy for $33)
UMI Order Number (if available)

Information about you:
*Patron Name
*Patron Status (Grad, UnderGrad, Faculty, etc.)
*Patron Department/Major
*Patron Email Address
*Patron Barcode/Bengal ID Number
Account Number (if billing a Dept. account)

*I acknowledge that I am purchasing this
thesis/dissertation for my personal collection
and am responsbile for all fees incurred.             
Please provide any additional information regarding your request: (as needed)


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