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Interlibrary Loan Services

  • Provide services for the ISU community.
  • Process all electronic interlibrary loan requests received in a timely manner.
  • Borrow requested books that the Oboler Library does not own.
  • Borrow other materials that the Oboler Library does not own (i.e. microfilm, theses, dissertations, etc.).
  • Obtain copies of requested journal articles that the Oboler Library does not own.
  • Staff members search electronic library holding bibliographic records to locate needed materials.
  • Operate an ARIEL service for processing materials that will be posted to the web directly or scanned and then posted to the web.
  • Scan printed articles to electronic format for web delivery.
  • Post electronic articles to the web for delivery to requestors.
  • Provide a rush service for photocopies at $10 per item (if received in 3 working days).
  • In some areas, provide a rush service for books at $25 each (includes FedEx, delivery & rush fee) PLEASE call 208-282-3127 first.
  • Lend materials to other libraries anywhere in the USA when requested.

Dissertation Service

  • The Library will attempt to secure a loan of the dissertation.
    If we are unable to obtain a loan, the requestor has the option of purchasing the dissertation on a direct recovery basis; costs are $31 per item for PDF/Electronic copy or $33 per item for unbound, shrinkwrapped paper copy. Dissertation Express sets prices, which are subject to change. The requestor can then keep the dissertation in his/her personal collection.
    If you want to purchase the dissertation, submit the Purchase a Thesis/Dissertation form.

For Help with the Electronic Forms

Contact Reference at (208) 282-3152

Contact Health Sciences Reference at (208) 282-4686

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