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Interlibrary Loan Ordering & Delivery Tips

Ordering Tips

  • Check Before Requesting
    Check the Library Catalog, before requesting materials. The material you need may already be available in the library.
    Be aware that some journals may also be online and available through links in the A-Z Journals List
  • Choose Proper Electronic Form
    Choose the type of request you wish to make from the drop-down list and then click OK.
    There are 3 choices:
    Copy of a Book Chapter
    Copy of an Article
    Borrow a Book from another library (Use the Borrow a Book from another library form for any loan, e.g. videos, microfilm, etc.)
    On the form, the fields with asterisks (*) are required! If you know additional information, please add it to the blanks.
    A request cannot be filled if the wrong form is used.
    Request only 1 item per form.
  • Receipt Time
    Books are normally supplied in approximately 2 weeks; it takes time to receive books through Interlibrary Loan.
    Articles are often received more quickly.
  • Materials Difficult to Obtain
    Rare items
    Special Collection materials
    Newspapers (paper or microfilm)
    Electronic sources
    The Library will always attempt to secure materials that it does not own.
  • Dissertation Services
  • For additional information see Interlibrary Loan Help

Delivery Tips

  • Delivery for Those Who Attend Classes or Work on the Pocatello Campus of ISU
    The requestor will be notified by email at your @isu.edu email account to pick items up at the Library Circulation Desk, 1st floor.
    If for some reason the pick-up cannot be done in a reasonable time frame, please notify the Interlibrary Loan Office by phone (208-282-3127) or email warrmary@isu.edu.
    Articles are posted to the Web as a PDF file.
    An email will be sent to your @isu.edu email account with a case-sensitive PIN number to access the article.
    The document will be available for 14 days or for 5 views, whichever happens first.
    After that the document is automatically deleted from the Library's server and you will no longer be able to access it through this Web delivery process.
    If you do not view, save, or print the document during the 14-day window, you will have to request the article again. There may be a charge for this second request.
  • Web Delivery Process
  • Electronic Delivery of Articles FAQ
  • Forwarding Your ISU Email (gmail) Account
  • For additional information see Interlibrary Loan Help
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