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Online Programs

In addition to remotely delivered programs, several programs are moving to complete online delivery everywhere in the state, and occasionally out of state. These students must have material pulled, copied, and mailed to them. Just as the Library student budget cannot absorb the additional workload, the Library's postage account cannot handle the increase (it currently is completely used for interlibrary loan and mailing to our sites). Therefore, each online program should decide which of two directions it wishes to take:

  1. Work with the Library to identify and secure online resources for these programs. Such resources would require additional funding or redirected funding from the department.
  2. Require funds from the students to fund delivery of items, again based on the program level. These funds could be developed as class fees:
  a. Certificates/BA/BS
b. MA/MS, etc
c. Doctoral

In the case of an online program, the class funds are in addition to the funds needed for remote delivery of programs. In the previous case, the Library can deliver in bulk to the site. In the case of the online programs, materials are mailed everywhere, and the Library cannot take advantage of preexisting arrangements. If the department chooses to pursue online resources, the costs associated with staffing could be negotiated.

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