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Delivery of Current Programs to Remote Sites (e.g. Meridian)

The Library delivers materials from our collection to distance students, faculty, and staff. We employ student assistants to pull books and documents to be sent as well as journal issues to be copied and posted on line. The ability of our current irregular salary budget to absorb these costs has been exhausted. Therefore, any program moving to Meridian, Idaho Falls, or any other ISU site, should include funding for additional student hours in the Library. Our estimates are based on the amount of material requested at the various degree levels:

  Certificates and Baccalaureate Programs
Masters programs
Doctoral programs

These funds represent a permanent addition to the library budget, not a one-time expenditure.

If a program has easy access to a suitable library collection at the site in question, that point should be raised when the Library support letter is requested. While our students have access to BSU's Library, the parking situation there has made such access problematic.

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