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Special Collections Department - Fee Schedule

The Special Collections Department creates and maintains collections of a unique and unusual character. There are four such collections: the Intermountain West Collection, which contains materials related to local and regional history; the Rare Book Collection, composed of old, scarce and valuable books and prints; the Manuscript Collection, comprised of personal papers and manuscripts; and the University Archives, which consists of university records and other materials relevant to the history of ISU. The department is located in the basement of the Library and, because of the special nature of its collections, access to them is restricted. No Special Collections materials are allowed to circulate. They must be used in the department, during departmental hours.

Special Collections materials may be photocopied, or otherwise duplicated, only when doing so will not damage the materials. Special Collections reserves the right to limit duplication of materials due to copyright, collection donor restrictions, and confidentiality or related issues. These fees and limitations are consistent with the requirements of the Idaho Public Records law, Idaho Code 9-338 Sec. 8, 9-339 and 9-340. Fees: (all fees include tax)

Request Processing

All collection materials may only be handled by library staff; therefore, because of the limited availability of staff to perform retrieval and copying, patrons may need to make arrangements for pickup or delivery at a later time.

The same copy/duplication fees will apply to all patrons whether the request is made in person or from a remote location (e-mail, phone, etc.); however, remote patrons are charged a $5.00 processing fee for duplication of materials in the Special Collections in addition to the copy fees, except for University Archives.

A $1.00 minimum charge will be applied to transactions where copies and responses are mailed by traditional postage.


The first two hours of research (labor) are free of charge. Any time exceeding two hours will be charged at a rate of $24.00 per hour.

Copy fees

Xerox copies size price
black & white any size $0.20 per copy
color 8 ½ x 11 $0.80 per copy (single sided only)

Scans (color or b&w)
Note: not all materials in Special Collections are eligible for this service.

Special Collections can offer only low-resolution digital imaging at this time. Therefore, some materials will require out-sourcing to University Photography for digitization.
Scan base price: $2.00 per scan
Scan plus print $1.00 additional cost per scan for image printed on photo paper
Scan burned to CD $5.00 for first scan (jpg) burned to CD. Additional $1.00 for each image added to the CD (must be ordered at the same time).

(ISU faculty and staff should contact Special Collections for pricing of requests for institutional use.)


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209