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Department of Special Collections and University Archives

Rare Books Collections

The Rare Books Collections include books that can be described as rare due to age, condition and/or scarcity. Some materials that would deteriorate quickly on the open shelves of the Library are shelved here for purposes of preservation. The collection contains approximately 800 volumes which cover a variety of topics. All of the books, including the sub-collections, are searchable using the Library Catalog.

Several special sub-collections are also present:

  • Book Arts Collection - a selection of over 50 artists books from a range of sources.
  • Early English Dictionaries Collection - a small collection of dictionaries ranging from 1670s Glossographia to modern reprints.
  • FOOLS (Friends of Oboler Library) Collection of Censored Books
  • H. Alan Robinson Readers Collection - a collection of over 300 children's readers donated to the library by Dr. Robert Pehrsson.
  • Dr. Johnson and His Circle of Friends Collections - Samuel Johnson LL.D. (1709-1784), often referred to simply as Dr. Johnson, was one of England's greatest literary figures: a poet, essayist, biographer, lexicographer, and often esteemed the finest literary critic in English.


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