ISU Magazine

Volume 41 | Number 1 | Fall/Winter 2010

Red Hill in winter

The columns atop Red Hill in the winter.

Photo by ISU Photographic Services

Idaho State University Progress Brings World Progress

Fall 2010 Issue | By Arthur C. Vailas, Ph.D.
President, Idaho State University

President Arthur C. Vailas

There is little doubt that the faces of universities across the country are changing. Along with being an institution of learning, Idaho State University is an institution of research. Just as our predecessors were pioneers in creating Idaho State University, today our researchers are pioneers in their fields.

We are on the frontier of brain research, both in the laboratory and in the field. In this issue of Idaho State University magazine, you'll read about Dr. Alok Bhushan, who is making groundbreaking discoveries studying new possibilities for treatment of aggressive brain tumors.

You'll also read about Dr. Russell Spearman, who is helping veterans and others with traumatic brain injuries live more normal lives and get the support they need. Dr. Carolyn Fauré is helping high school coaches learn about the effects of concussion so that future athletes will not be victims of traumatic brain injuries themselves.

We are on the frontier of energy research, from creating nanoparticles that could change the way we gather solar energy, to bringing promising new researchers to the field of nuclear engineering. We are exploring the complexities of our environment, and bringing new knowledge to the world.

We are on the frontier of health care research. Inside this issue, you'll learn about Idaho State University's Family Practice program's research on diabetes medications that received national recognition and has big implications for diabetic patients everywhere.

With their research, our talented faculty are bringing a sense of excitement to our students, and creating a dynamic place of learning. Our students are doing research themselves, and bringing international recognition to our institution. Student Bethany Hundley, who is partially deaf, is in Nepal on a Fulbright scholarship, teaching deaf students and studying what life is like for deaf people in different cultures.

Being pioneers in the fields of health care, energy and the environment is part of our core mission. To help us, we have a group of talented and dedicated men and women serving on the Idaho State University Foundation Board of Directors and the Alumni Board of Directors. These are people who have accomplished much in their fields, and many have earned national and international recognition. Now, they are dedicating their time and talent to the university, to ensure that future generations have the same opportunities they have been afforded.

I am proud of our University and what we have accomplished together. Our future is bright as we help the next generation of scientists, artists, educators and health care workers reach their potential.