Volume 43 | Number 1 | Fall 2012

Sparking Another Year for Renewal and Engagement

Fall 2012 Issue | By Arthur C. Vailas, Ph.D.
President, Idaho State University

President Arthur Vailas

As another hot Idaho summer slowly gives way to the picturesque colors of autumn, changes also abound across the Idaho State University campus. There is definitely excitement in the air as a new academic year begins.

One of my favorite parts of the season is welcoming our returning students, faculty and staff, and, especially, our new students to campus. Some of you probably remember when you first walked through the Swanson Arch to begin your educational experience as well. When they finish their journey, as you did, they will walk through the arch again, brimming with confidence and ready to tackle the problems and complexities facing all of us.

Our faculty members continue to be engaged and ready to educate and train another generation of leaders. Many of them have spent their summers out in the field and in the laboratory, making new discoveries.

We are a recognized world leader in our global research endeavors with collaborative agreements with 172 entities nationally and worldwide, including the Idaho National Laboratory, Center for Advanced Energy Studies and Bannock Development Corporation.

As you will read on page 8, Idaho State University researchers played a critical role in the landing of NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars in August. Professor Mike Smith of the Idaho Accelerator Center designed the portable linear accelerators that the Idaho National Laboratory used to check the integrity of the welds on Curiosity's nuclear power supply.

We have been making great discoveries at Idaho State University, and we are ready and excited for the new semester, with a new generation of future leaders. I welcome all of you to come and visit Idaho State University, to share wonderful memories and see the wonderful transformations happening today.