Volume 43 | Number 1 | Fall 2012

Safe at Home

Fall 2012 Issue

Again Idaho State University has been ranked one of the safest campuses in the nation, this time by Collegesafe, which touts ISU as the fifth safest campus in the nation.

"This university of 15,000 located in small Pocatello, Idaho, is known as the smile capital of the world," the website states. "It has to be a safe place then right? Idaho State is a perennial safe school that is on the list year after year."

Collegesafe broke down the top-10 safest colleges and universities with a minimum enrollment of 6,000 students. All of the colleges and universities on the list are residential campuses — the list does not include commuter campuses.

"Our Public Safety staff is dedicated and works hard at keeping the campus safe and we live in a good community," said Stephen Chatterton, ISU director of public safety. "The support and attitude toward campus safety displayed by our students, staff and faculty makes the difference in the quality of our campus atmosphere."

ISU has been ranked high in safety for several years, being rated the fifth safest campus in the nation in 2009 and the seventh safest in 2010 by The Daily Beast, a national news website.

Collegesafe ranked the New York Institute of Technology the nation's safest university. Regionally, the University of Montana was ranked sixth on the list.