Volume 43 | Number 2 | Fall 2013


  • Bill Drake: From 'Frat Guy' to 'Ad Man'

    On a hot July afternoon in Boise, it was cool inside the offices of Drake Cooper, Idaho's largest advertising agency. And it had little to do with the thermostat. The company vibe is teamwork, respect and collaboration.

    "We're definitely a 'please' and 'thank you' organization," said Bill Drake, agency founder, chairman and Idaho State University graduate.

    In 3½ decades, he's managed to turn a one-man operation into one of the top advertising agencies in the Northwest with close to 30 employees and dozens of advertising awards. (read more)

  • Idaho State University's Fantastical Sci-Fi Guru

    Time travel, Luke Skywalker, Frankenstein, Bilbo Baggins, Mary Poppins and jazz.

    How does jazz fit in the list above? In Brian Attebery's opinion, jazz describes the way the creators of science fiction books, films and computer games build off one another and their genres. (read more)

  • Hoops Commander

    Former ISU basketball standout Stephanie Pemper, in her fifth season as the head coach of the women's team at the U.S. Naval Academy, was nearing the end of a practice earlier this season when she called together several upperclassmen.

    "I pulled the juniors and I had something critical to say of Jade (Geif, a forward) in front of them," says Pemper, who was inducted into the ISU Athletic Hall of Fame in 2003. "Alix (Membreno, a guard) matter-of-factly said, 'Feedback is good. You are a good coach and you just gave us feedback.' She took the emotion out of it. It was awesome." (read more)