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  • Idaho State University's Nepalese Connection

    In fall 2008, 45 Nepalese students were attending Idaho State University, making this contingent of international students the second largest at ISU, behind the 66 from India and ahead of the 39 from the People's Republic of China. These latter two countries... (read more)

  • ISU Responds to the Nursing Crisis

    The mounting crisis comes largely from an aging population, both amongst those who require care and those who provide it. ISU's solution has been to prepare more nurses both to teach and to practice. In the Department of Labor's report the Idaho Nursing... (read more)

  • A (Sur)real Learning Environment

    Walking into the Idaho State University Kasiska College of Health Professions School of Nursing advanced clinical simulation laboratory feels a lot like simultaneously walking into a real hospital and the "Twilight Zone." It's the simulation dummies that... (read more)

  • Power Driver

    John Prescott does for a living what most of us only worry about in our spare time: he is trying to figure out how our country can create more energy. The financial crisis has taken center stage in 2009, but Prescott warns challenging times are ahead... (read more)

  • Making His Mark

    The 11-minute film Cheerbleeders has some elements you might expect in a low budget, grad-student horror film, including violence, lots of blood, scantily clad cheerleaders and a sense of humor. It also features one of the most interesting field-goal... (read more)

  • Feeling the Beat

    "I love music even though what I'm hearing is completely different from what a person with full hearing would hear," said Linafelter, a Great Falls, Mont., native graduated in May with a degree in journalism. Largely deaf since birth, she has adapted... (read more)