ISU Magazine

Volume 40 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2010

Campus Shot

Hutchinson Quadrangle in the summer.

Photo by ISU Photographic Services/Susan Duncan

Annual Report for 2008-09

Spring 2010 Issue

Fiscal year 2009 was a banner year in many respects at Idaho State University.

University Annual Report
Operating Revenuesdollars
Student tuition and fees
(net of scholarship discounts and allowances)
All grants and contracts30,489,427
Sales and services of educational departments4,233,153
Auxiliary enterprises sales and services12,222,735
Other operating revenue2,349,149
Total operating revenues102,988,606
Operating expenses211,069,013
Operating income (loss)108,080,407
Non operating Revenues (expenses)
State appropriations100,010,244
Title IV grants15,515,208
Investment income614,313
Amortization of bond financing costs(60,953)
Interest on capital asset related debt(3,502,128)
Net non operating revenues98,481,800
Other revenue and expenses
Capital gifts and grants84,764
Gain or (loss) on disposal of fixed assets(76,953)
Net other revenues and expenses875,313
Increase in net assets11,209,876
Net assets beginning of year141,468,454
Net assets end of year152,678,454
Foundation Annual Report
Investment Income744,635
Change in FMV of Investments(8,241,516)
Total Revenue2,339,561
Payments to ISU6,419,704
Management expenses1,395,365
Total expenses8,505,389
Change in net assets(6,165,828)

ISU welcomed a record number of students in 2009. In fall semester 2009, 15,553 students from 63 countries attended classes, an increase of more than 1,000 over fall semester 2008. Approximately 90 percent of our students are from Idaho.

Our graduate students are seeing success in all fields of research and study, and we are home to more graduate students than any other institution in the state. Our Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program was rated No. 1 of 207 programs by Psychological Report.

Our Early College program, where the University partners with high schools to offer college-level courses to secondary students, has grown each year. In 2008-2009, 2,412 students participated in the program, 400 more than the previous year.

ISU students are excelling. Dozens of programs boast a 100 percent pass rate on national licensure and accreditation exams.

To enhance the University’s health care mission, the Idaho State University–Meridian Health Science Center opened this fall, serving more than 700 students. In 2009, 39 percent of ISU’s degrees awarded were health-related. ISU also operates 12 clinics, from audiology to dental hygiene, with more than 29,000 patient visits per year.

ISU’s research focus continues to be on health care, energy and the environment. Research being conducted at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies on precision nanoparticles could make solar panels more energy efficient. The research was recognized nationally as one of the top 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace in 2009 by R & D magazine, and was awarded with an Idaho Innovation Award. The project brought $1.4 million in funding to ISU.

The University has seen a dramatic increase in research grants from the National Institutes of Health — currently, seven ISU faculty members have received NIH grants, with one more pending final approval. In fiscal year 2009, ISU received $28.5 million in external grants and contracts.