ISU Magazine

Volume 40 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2010

Howard Schmidt, meeting with President Barack Obama to accept the position of White House Cybersecurity Coordinator.

Photo provided by Howard Schmidt

Called to Serve Our Nation

Spring 2010 Issue | By Joe Fredrickson

Howard A. Schmidt, research professor of information assurance policy at Idaho State University, was appointed White House Cybersecurity Coordinator by President Barack Obama in December. In this role, Schmidt reports to the National Security Council and closely supports the National Economic Council on cyber issues.

Schmidt is an integral member of the Informatics Research Institute (IRI) faculty whose continued input into curriculum and policy in the IRI and the College of Business is essential. He guides the students in the nationally-recognized academic and research program at ISU and works with students in the CyberCorps program on a regular basis.

Corey Schou, professor of informatics, director of the ISU Informatics Research Institute, and associate dean of information assurance at the ISU College of Business lauded Schmidt’s appointment.

“Howard brings a breadth of experience to the administration. He understands both the government and industry needs. More importantly, he recognizes that academia is essential to the success of the United States in the cyber environment,” Schou said.

Schmidt also serves as the chief executive officer of the Information Security Forum, a nonprofit computer security trade association based in London. He has served as chief information security officer at eBay and chief security officer at Microsoft. In the Bush administration, he was the vice chairman of the president’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board and a special adviser for cyberspace security. He also served in the Air Force and the Army in computer security roles and led a computer forensics team for the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the National Drug Intelligence Center.