ISU Magazine

Volume 40 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2010

Director of Campus Recreation Doug Milder gives Andy Taylor a tour of the new facility. The area will be filled with weight and exercise equipment.

Photos by ISU Photographic Services/Julie Hillebrant

Student Recreation Center Bulks Up With Addition

Spring 2010 Issue | By Andrew Taylor


The new 32,000-square foot, $7 million expansion of the Student Recreation Center at Reed Gymnasium – funded by the Associated Students of Idaho State University – will be completed this spring and students should be able to begin using the facility in July, according to Doug Milder, ISU director of campus recreation and intramurals.

An official grand opening ceremony will be held in late August or September when a fuller contingent of students, faculty and staff are back on campus.

The newly expanded two-story structure features everything from a TV lounge with a big screen TV for users to check on the latest sports scores, to window views looking outside or inside to the ISU tennis courts.

Other new facilities will include a large multi-purpose recreation room, cardio machines and exercise areas, campus recreation offices, bathrooms upstairs and down, a lobby area, lounge areas and an equipment checkout area. About a quarter-million dollars of new exercise equipment is being purchased.

The overall spaciousness of the new structure is impressive. The addition features a lot of room and open spaces, characteristics that many others have commented on, according to Milder.

“A lot of people have asked me how this stacks up to our sister institutions Boise State University and the University of Idaho,” notes Milder. “Our new facilities are very comparable and on par with theirs, and they are a quantum leap forward from what our students had previously.”

The expansion has taken place on the east side of Reed Gym, and will connect the current indoor tennis facility to Reed Gym. Counting the tennis center and student gymnasium that contains the climbing wall, the total ISU Student Recreation Center offers about 100,000 square feet of recreational facilities for students, and that doesn’t count the Reed Gym swimming pool.

According to Milder, this is the most expensive project that ASISU has taken on, including the previous expansion of campus recreation facilities and the construction of the Holt Arena.