ISU Magazine

Volume 41 | Number 2 | Spring/Summer 2011

Moonlit Tree

Moonlit Tree: the beauty of freshly fallen snow resting on the branches of a tree on campus.

Photo by ISU Photographic Services/Susan Duncan

Idaho State University Annual Report

Spring 2011 Issue

Following are the financial figures for this past Fiscal Year.

Operating Revenues

Student Tuition and Fees: 57,721,128
All Grants and Contracts: 30,699,444
Sales and Services of Educational Departments: 5,543,843
Auxiliary Enterprises Sales and Services: 12,444,156
Other Operating Revenue: 2,821,388
Total Operating Revenue: 109,229,959

Operating Expenses: 207,824,538
Operating Income (loss): (98,594,579)

Nonoperating revenues (expenses)

State appropriations: 82,709,340
Title IV Grants: 24,301,307
Gifts: 5,959,068
Investment Income: 238,229
Amortization of bond financing costs: (60,953)
Interest on Capital Asset-related Debt: (3,507,755)
Net Nonoperating Revenues: 109,639,236

Other Revenue and Expenses

Capital Gifts and Grants: 3,639,092
Gain or (loss) on disposal of fixed assets: 15,043
Net other revenues and expenses: 3,654,135
Increase (decrease) in net assets: 14,698,792
Net assets beginning of the year: 154,837,554
Net Assets- end of year: 169,536,346

Idaho State University Foundation


Contributions: 7,597,989
Investment Income: 918,434
Change in FMV of Investments: 1,998,946
Other: 955,578
Total Revenue: 11,470,947


Payments to ISU: 9,637,251
Management Expenses: 929,337
Fundraising: 1,013,796

Total Expenses: 11,580,384
Change in net assets: (109,437)