ISU Magazine

Volume 42 | Number 2 | Spring 2012

Terry Fredrickson

Terry Fredrickson, executive director of New Day Products & Resources, is also a former student body president at Idaho State University.

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Hometown Support

Spring 2012 Issue

Store opens to help show spirit

Idaho State University Bengal fans will be seeing an array of new merchandise this year at the new Orange & Black Store. The store is being overseen by alumnus Terry Fredrickson who is also the executive director of New Day Products & Resources.

"There's a need for this kind of store. The location is the perfect outlet for our apparel. This is a store for Bengal fans to gain the Bengal experience," said Fredrickson. "We carry everything from onesies to Flexfit fitted baseball caps to mugs. We are planning to carry Idaho State University flags in the future."

Since the 1970s, Idaho State University has contracted with New Day Products & Resources to produce Bengal gear. This has benefited the local community tremendously.

"New Day gives back to the community by offering jobs to those with disabilities. When people purchase Bengal gear from us, not only are they supporting the University, they are also supporting the community and those who may not have had jobs otherwise," said Fredrickson. "Our goal is to continue providing fans with quality products. We want to see what happens in Boise happen in Pocatello as Bengal Fever spreads."

The Orange & Black Store is located at 123 South Main Street in Pocatello. Business hours are Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m.-2 p.m.